Caroline is a well respected lawyer and mediator in Hawkes Bay. Her approach is conciliatory and child focused. She not only considers the surface issues for parties to legal disputes but delves into the reasons behind those issues to deal with problems at the source. There is always a focus on communication between the parties to improve the environment for the children in the future. Caroline has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of family law.

Nicola Booth (Napier lawyer involved as Counsel supporting clients in mediations)

Caroline helped me with a difficult relationship property case involving a trust where we succeeded in the Family Court and in the High Court. I have known Caroline for many years through various schooling and after school activities involving our children.  I was a little concerned at first about this and was also embarrassed at having someone that knows me learn all of the history of my awful divorce. Actually, working with Caroline  proved to me that she not only cares deeply about her clients and their well being throughout the process, but she maintained an extremely professional attitude and never made me feel judged for anything that came up along the way.  She was an amazing support but also never gave me false hope.  In fact, Caroline was completely honest with me throughout and helped me weigh up the choices of the decisions I had to make.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone that needs a great lawyer that is compassionate for what you are going through.  It is an extremely stressful and scary time when these things come along and without Caroline helping me I really do not know what the outcome may have been.  My children and I now have a bright future ahead of us.

Client – Relationship Property

Caroline has

  • 20 years experience as a family court lawyer in all aspects of family law
  • Excellent understanding of family law, family court process and application/ relevance, child development in the context of day to day care and contact
  • Clear understanding of and ability to use and develop safe, child focused mediation process
  • Very committed to mediation process and resolution of conflict.

Alison McLeod (Hastings Lawyer)

Caroline represented me in seven complex family court hearings and two high court appeals.  Integrity and dedication are two words that best describe this superb family court barrister.

Caroline has tremendous litigation skills, in-depth knowledge of the law with unimpeachable ethics.  She is always well prepared and focussed. She has the unique ability to dissect a case, seeing the relevant points.  Caroline has integrity and intelligence and is a formidable foe in the courtroom.  She is a great communicator, excellent lawyer and a zealous advocate.

Caroline is always professional, bright and most importantly, compassionate and committed to clients’ rights.  The commitment and attention Caroline gave to me is unparalleled.  She took care of all matters while keeping me appraised of it.  Caroline treats clients with respect and dignity and is passionate about representing her clients well.  She builds a relationship with clients effortlessly.

Her trial skills are exceptional, as can be seen by her many case successes.  As a client, I have been lucky to know her and be part of her professional life.  She is admired and respected by court staff, opposing lawyers and the Judges.

I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline to anyone looking for experienced counsel in any Family Court matter and all other legal services.  She is a passionate advocate in family and high court litigation.  Combine that with her experience and skill as a litigator and you have a formidable combination.  I trusted Caroline with my own case and would recommend her without any reservation.

Caroline, thank you for the longstanding lawyer-client relationship and for treating me in a top-notch professional manner when handling my case.  I am glad there are people and lawyers like you left in the world.  You were magnificent and unique.

Client – Day to day care and relocation

I was referred to Caroline from a local senior Lawyer after a Protection Order was served on me. Caroline has represented me over the past two years through lengthy and difficult court hearings and a mediation process period due to a marriage breakup.  Over this period I found Caroline a friendly caring person not only professional and competent but also intuitive to the big picture and the dynamics at play.

I found Caroline always had this amazing ability to completely ” tune in ” to my case and recall relevant events during the appointments I had with her making a lengthy and difficult process a lot quicker and easier.

Caroline successfully led me through this period of court hearings challenging a number of Protection Orders sort on me.   She stood out from the other lawyers in the courtroom ending up with a completely successful outcome for me.

We then entered into mediation with the other party. During this Mediation process I found Caroline to have great communication skills, combined with her perseverance she was able to deliver another successful outcome for myself and two young children.

Client- Day to day care and protection application