Mediation Services and FDR (Family Dispute Resolution)

Most lawyers agree that going to court is not the best way to resolve disputes and it should be the last resort.

Mediation is a process where parties to a dispute have a facilitated meeting to get to the heart of their disagreements.  They are enabled to make their own decisions about their children, property or other issues.

Mediation allows parties to try to solve the problem themselves but with assistance from a mediator.

The role of mediator

  • The mediator is not the judge or arbitrator.  They cannot make decisions for the parties.
  • The role of the mediator is to facilitate the discussion between the parties and help them consider the issues that might be impeding resolution of their dispute.  The mediator will help parties generate and explore options for settlement.

My experience as a mediator

I have worked as a mediator in the Family Court since 2009.

I trained with LEADR in 2009 was appointed to the LEADR Panel of mediators in 2010.  I am an Associate of AMINZ and on the New Zealand Law Society Panel of Mediators (Family).

Although trained to provide mediation in all areas of legal disputes, I have undertaken further specialist training in the area of Family disputes with both AMINZ and LEADR.

In addition to my work as a mediator, as court-appointed Lawyer for the Child, I have convened countless round table meetings which have successfully resolved the disputes between the parties.

FDR (Family Dispute Resolution)

What is it? 

FDR is part of the out-of-court process now available to help families (including parents, caregivers and extended family) to resolve guardianship and Care of Children disputes about children.

I have been accredited by both LEADR and the New Zealand Law Society Panel of Mediators (Family), to provide FDR (Family Dispute Resolution mediation).

I am able to provide both private and government-funded FDR.  I provide government-funded FDR through Fairway Resolution.